Here are some of the current projects Tall Brit is working on at the moment.



Directed by: Coke Daniels

Produced by: Sevier Crespo, Craig Chapman

Co-Produced by: Amanda Kiely

Plot…under wraps


Isthmus (2020)

Nominated in the Panorama category in Shanghai Film Festival

Directed By: Abdolreza Kahani

Executive Producer: Amanda Kiely

Veronica is married for two years with the love of her life, before things slowly starts falling.


Mags and Julie go on a Road Trip (2019)

Nominated for Best Film in Castellabate Film Festival

Directed By: Ryann Liebl

Producer: Amanda Kiely

Mags and Julie Go on A Road Trip is a heartfelt, laugh out loud buddy movie, written and directed by actress Ryann Liebl. This film, in the vein of Bridesmaids mixed with Grumpy Old Men, takes the audience on a journey of what it means to be a woman and balance life.


The Copy

Written by: Grant Boshoff

Producers: Amanda Kiely and Sevier Crespo

Ambitious geneticist Geoffrey Bartell is fighting for his life. His company is under legal and political attack while his marriage crumbles around him. Desperate to recapture his once idyllic life he comes upon the perfect solution by creating a clone of himself, and together they set about picking up the pieces.




Director: Michael Radford

Producers: Niels Juul, Amanda Kiely 7 Eve Pomerance

The story of Hollywood movie stars Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy and their love affair during the 1930s.


Have No Shame

Writer: Delia Colvin

Producers: Delia Colvin, Amanda Kiely  

As the Civil Rights movement lights up the south, 18 year-old Alison Tillman is awakened to the truth when she discovers the body of a lynched black man—and falls in love with his nephew.



Producers: Amanda Kiely, Peter Saphier, Jon Saphire

Aging beer-league hockey players are given a redemptive opportunity to compete against elite college athletes and correct the wrongs of their past. Both youngsters and oldsters with the opportunity to rediscover or purify the passion for the game.


Sunshine Detour

Director: Ryann Liebl

Producer: Amanda Kiely

The gritty drama set in Florida follows the story of Lu Ann and her son Patrick. He’s a bright kid with a bright future. But when things go wrong at school both of their lives head in the wrong direction. Based on a true story.


This is Not My Life

Directed By: Ryann Liebl

Producer: Amanda Kiely

After discovering at her mum’s birthday that her dad is not who her mum said he was. Three girls get lost in the English Countryside in search of the truth.



Director: Darrell Roodt

Producer: Amanda Kiely

When Leah’s husband, the breadwinner, loses his job she goes back to the one thing that she loves, enlisting into the army. However, after a drastic change of lifestyle it is not as great as it used to be. Her wingman is raped by their drill sergeant and while the girls feel hopeless the only way is to stand up to the one man that can ruin their lives.


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